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Sam Ishikawa

Manager of Daily Operations

“OptimisPT has provided us with custom developed tools that our physical and occupational therapists prefer. Additionally, the OptimisPT Team has established a seamless integration with our Illinois Bone & Joint physician practice EMR.”

Jeff Shoup

Practice Owner

“I have used several EMR’s including the ones for the big hospital here, epic. I am so pleased and even proud of ‘my’ EMR. You all have created an EMR for PT that absolutely smokes everything else out there and makes me look great on paper. (I’m good in real life too- but it’s nice to see it documented) Treatment 2.0 rocks!!”


CEO, Founder

“The Support Team at Optimis has been very prompt, friendly and professional when we have a quick question or a problem needing to be solved. They ask the right questions, to ensure they understand your needs, in order to bring you the appropriate solution. Thank you!”

Rose Nowacki

Manager of Administrative Operations

“The platform has given our Illinois Bone & Joint healthcare providers multiple options for different documentation styles, and their development team is committed to keeping pace with industry changes and client requests.”

Jevene S

Practice Owner

“there is much more flexibility in both the assessment and the treatment section to customize so that you do a minimum of typing and just click drop down menus.”

Jackie S

Billing Manager

“So easy to use, it’s pretty self explanatory. It helps prevent you from making mistakes on your “Off” days.”

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