A Feature Rich Schedule!

Fully featured and included with your OptimisPT subscription!

  • Easy scheduling, just a few clicks
  • Built in alerts, notes, and reminders
  • Automated email & text reminders
  • Quick visual queues
  • Daily and Weekly views
  • One or multiple clinicians
  • Quick schedule customization
  • Information at a glance


Easily track authorizations and organize your schedule by the payer and visit type using custom schedule categories.

Efficiently create, edit, and view schedules for patients, providers, treatment rooms, pools, and equipment.


Efficiently schedule a patient appointment and identify any Co-pays that need to be collected with built-in alerts.

Increase internal communication with our Schedule, Episode of Care, and Patient notes.

Significantly reduce Cancellations and No Shows with automated appointment text and email reminders.


Fully customize your schedule to fit your workflow and preferences.

With customization for colors, styles, appointment durations and more, our schedule fits any size practice!

Easily adjust the schedule at a moments notice right from the schedule page or get deeper customization in the administrative settings.


A therapist can easily manage their schedule, patient authorizations, task lists, flowsheets, and patient documentation directly from the Home Page.