Practice Management

Run Your Practice

Keep your practice moving in the right direction with all the tools you need to make crucial business decisions!

  • Easy reporting means less time tracking things manually
  • Keep an eye on the bottom line at a glance
  • Real time data is key to making decisions at the time it’s needed
  • Key metrics to help you understand what is going on under the hood
  • Custom reporting options available


Review valuable data at the touch of a button, such as clinic locations, therapists, payers, referrals.

Accurately track cancels, no-shows, other “lost” patients, visit count, revenue analysis, and more.

Use built-in intelligent alerts, notices, and reminders to guide best practice decisions.


Retrieve practice management reports by any date range quickly and easily.

Access real-time reports for accounting, billing, and general practice management indicators at the push of a button.

Generate specific report and contract details in any state with any payer type or configuration (from Medicare to Workers Comp, and more).


Utilize charts and graphs in your approach to audit protection with built-in intelligent alerts.

Maximize efficiency and compliance with our easy-to-use “key indicator” dashboard.

Understand overall practice performance and make necessary improvements in “real time”.

Multiple Procedure Payment Reduction built in for an accurate assessment of Medicare claims.


Keep track of users, schedules, and more.

Customize the system for your practice’s individual needs.

System announcments to keep your staff up-to-date with practice news.

Manage your referral sources quickly