OptimisPT Workshops

OptimisPT Workshops!

We’re excited to offer OptimisPT Workshops: mini bite-size learning sessions meant for you to be able to take away information to make a tangible and immediate change.

If you’re looking to shave off a few minutes here and there from your workflows, looking to save time between the front desk and back office, and hoping to boast better patient outcomes in 2022, check out our Workshop Series schedule and join us for 20 minutes! 

Topics for Everyone to Learn!

We’ve curated a variety of topics in the main categories of Administration, Clinical Services, Compliance, Reporting, Cyber Security, Patient Engagement, Billing, Marketing, Wellness, and Technology. 

Daily Workflow Improvements

We’re pleased to announce a new offering for 2022 dedicated to helping outpatient rehab practices become more efficient, proficient and effective in their daily workflows.

Presented by Industry Experts

The workshops are presented by a variety of industry experts! These presenters really know their stuff and we are sure you will learn something new from each workshop!

Workshop Schedule

Our workshop schedule will be posted here and updated regularly. The registration links will be available and the recordings will be posted after the workshop has concluded. Some workshops are exclusive for OptimisPT Users, so be sure to Request a quick, easy, and free demo in order to gain access to this exclusive library as well as the best-in-class rehab EMR available! All workshops are at 9am PST.

Upcoming Workshops

Date of WorkshopCategoryWorkshop TopicAvailabilityRegistration/Recording Link
*Please note: Workshop dates and topics are subject to change