Kareo and OptimisPT Integration

Seamless, simple, and best-in-class solution for rehab providers!

OptimisPT and Kareo deliver a best-in-class, fully-integrated solution that’s designed for independent rehab practices. The platform’s streamlined workflows and robust business intelligence capabilities helps all members of your practice gain insight into how the practice is performing.

Robust Billing Capabilities

With Kareo Billing, there’s no better software to support your billing process. Kareo’s centralized A/R management system, intuitive billing analytics, and accurate charge capture capabilities gives users the tools needed to get paid faster the first time, with less effort.

Solution for Every Practice Role

Together, OptimisPT and Kareo offer robust functionality that ensures users have the features and capabilities to run a successful practice. Our solution empowers every member of the practice—including your front office, billers, and provider staff.

Optimized Rehab Workflows

Built with the rehab provider in mind, the platform offers a comprehensive solution that solves for every point of the patient journey—from patient creation and appointment scheduling, to final claim payment.

OptimisPT and Kareo Deliver the Features You Need to Get Paid

Powerful Rules Engine

Leverage the nationwide billing rules engine to automatically flag claims issues before they leave your office.

Improved Payment Posting

Reduce your time in A/R and increase your team’s efficiency with automated payment posting and patient collections options.

Comprehensive Claim Tracking

Monitor where all your claims are, what their status is, and what is being done to get you paid.

Integrated Performance Analytics

Track your productivity and billing performance throughout the entire claim journey.

Accurate Charge Capture

Access charge capture technology via web browser and mobile to reduce duplicate efforts and minimize errors.

Centralized Billing Tasks

Don’t let billing tasks add up and slow you down. Streamline your day by managing all of your billing tasks in one, easy-to-use inbox.