New Features

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New Features

Over the past few months, OptimisPT has released numerous features to continue our goal of making life in your practice easier.

Patient Portal

Allows your patients to electronically submit their demographics, insurance information, medical history and offers them the ability to upload relevant documents. This information is then easily populated into OptimisPT eliminating the need for hard copy intake forms and most manual entry.

Mass Emails

Mass emailing allows you to email groups of patients directly from OptimisPT. There are several filters to choose from that will enable you to target specific groups of patients with emails. These emails could be for marketing or transactional in nature.

Telehealth Resources

OptimisPT has added visit types to include “Telehealth” and “E-Visit”. Using these visit types, when appropriate, will allow you to monitor statistics related to this method of treatment. We also offer as a Virtual Healthcare option that can be used to perform the visit.

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Assessments 2 (Outcome Measures)

We are continuing to grow our library of embedded Outcome Measures that can be given to your patients. There are currently 13 Outcome Measures within Optimis.

These surveys can be emailed directly to the patient, can be included in your practice’s Welcome Email template, or can be completed electronically while the patient is in the office. Once completed, the Outcome Measure will be automatically scored by the system and can be imported directly into the Measures Section of the patient’s visit. Assessments 2 can be found within the patient’s Episode of Care Chart.

Display of CPT Codes on Charge Master Only

We released a feature that allows you to only see those CPT and HCPCS codes that are on your charge master when you are initially adding from the planned interventions or treatment section.

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The benefit of this is the therapist will not select codes that are not billable by your practice. This also allows your practice to submit a request for custom codes to be available without cluttering up the sections and selection by other practices. If, however, there is a code you need that you don’t see for one reason or another, you can still always locate any code by clicking “show all”.

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