National Patient Recognition Week

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National Patient Recognition Week is observed annually from February 1 to 7 where healthcare providers and the medical community reflect and focus on patient satisfaction and how to improve patient care. The holiday is about reminding healthcare providers to be patient centric and to focus on the patient experience. It serves as the day professionals in the healthcare field recommit to the pledge of human-centered and superior healthcare service delivery and even policies, procedures and workflows that improve that focus.

This week can be used in your clinic to put at the forefront of your communication and marketing to your community that your team focuses on a positive patient experience and creating an environment in which the patient becomes a client for life.  Some ideas that clinics have used include:

  • Hosting donuts and coffee for “Patient Appreciation”
  • Hosting a class for the community in honor of National Patient Recognition Week, such as a “Relax the Back” session that focuses on stretches and general strengthening exercises that help protect the low back
  • Establishing a weekly “Patient engagement Day” that includes additional outreach and touch base between visits; consider coupling with remote therapeutic monitoring as a way to focus on the patient experience with them feeling supported even when they’re not in the clinic

We’re always looking for ways to incorporate national days of celebration into communication and marketing opportunities with our community.  If you have examples of what has worked for your clinic, we’d love to hear about them and highlight it on our social media!  Please send it to and we’ll feature your “Patient Recognition Win!”

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